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About Final Draft Literary:


11/29/2012 update: I will be taking on a select number of clients for the upcoming months. Space is extremely limited, but I'm more than happy to provide a free sample to interested writers.


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Final Draft Literary Services is an independent manuscript editing service for writers of all genres, skills, and experiences. Looking for editing help? You came to the right place! I offer a variety of editing services to writers looking to polish their manuscripts, as well as companies looking for an independent copy editor. As a full-time author and editor, I know how difficult it is to break into the writing business. I also know the value of a thorough critique. Helpful, thoughtful feedback is the number one way a writer can better his/her work, and it works best to have a fresh pair of unbiased eyes looking over your work. Editing help begins with criticism and ends with publication. Writers resources can help, but only one-on-one critiques will provide you with the tools you need to improve immediately.


B.A. in creative writing, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (2004).

M.F.A. in writing, University of Nebraska (2010).

With my editing help, writers are developing the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

- They're getting Published!

- They're selling their books online!

- They're getting Agents!


I offer professional editing services at a price that doesn't break the bank. All of my writing evaluation comes rooted in a strong background of literary theory and a bachelor's degree in creative writing. My goal is to provide writers with affordable editing help. Other "book doctors" make bold claims they can't back up and charge thousands of dollars. I know they're overpriced, which is why I offer a competitive rate for all of my projects. I have the same dream as you, and I want to help make our next generation of authors better writers.

No writer does it alone

Even Stephen King has his drafts critiqued by multiple people before sending anything to his publisher. Having your work examined by a third party allows for a fresh, unbiased and non-partisan opinion, helping you fix up problems and errors you may have otherwise missed.

While most editors focus on correcting the mistakes in manuscripts, I prefer a two-prong approach to any writing: correct the errors and explain WHY these errors occurred. My goal, when working with any writer, is to improve the writing by highlighting areas for improvement and explaining exactly how to make the writing better. My goal is to help create better writers, not just better manuscripts.

By letting me examine your work and help you tighten your manuscript, you're already a step ahead of 99 percent of writers looking to break into the publishing business. Getting your work critiqued before you submit it to any publisher or agent will give you valuable feedback that you may have otherwise missed. With my help, you can tighten your manuscript so that the writing speaks for itself and stands out from the rest of the slush pile.

Take a look at my Philosophy to learn more about the value of third-party editing.

Kenneth Brosky

Final Draft Literary Services

Milwaukee, WI 53207

Phone: 414-803-5351

Editing Help with Final Draft Literary Services

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